Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thanks to our Great Customers

Thanks for all the repeat business. We really love all the positive comments and the repeat business. You guy's make our day! Thanks Lilly and Bruce Pennell

Friday, March 30, 2007


Don't be afraid to question your storage unit operator about their proactive steps for better security! At B&L RV & Mini Storage we offer;

  1. Daily lock checks
  2. Free Disc lock when you mention our blog (upon move in)
  3. Security cameras with DVR
  4. On site owner/managers
  5. SAFSTOR insurance just in case
  6. We also require picture ID when signing up
  7. We cooperate with the Benson Police Dept. K-9 unit

Remember true security starts with you! If you do see something that doesn't look or feel right please let us know or the police know. If we all looked out for each other this would be a much better world.
A good disc lock is your best start at good security.
Please visit our web site;

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get something free upon move-in

At B&L RV & Mini Storage we will give you a free disc lock, when you move in, just for mentioning this blog. Just let us know you saw it on our blog. Please check out our web site;

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hope everyone's having a great day

Sorry no new info today. For the next couple of days we will be setting new units. We are adding 7 new 8X10 and one new 8X20. Have a great couple of days...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

These top web sites are light weight versions that are more easily used with dial up, they do not have all the information of our main web site. Which includes pictures so it does take a little longer to download with dial up. Our main web site is;

The top question that came to mind this weekend was judging size of the unit you need. Our listed size recommendations don't fit every ones needs. They are just rough estimates.
5X5 - small closet items
5X10 - small furniture/boxes
5X15 - small 1 bedroom apartment/commercial records storage
8X10 - 1 bedroom apartment
10X10 - 1 bedroom house
10X15 - 2 bedroom apartment
8X20 - 2-3 bedroom house
10X20 - small car 3-4 bedroom house
15X20 - 4 bedroom house/ commercial unit
8X40 - 5 bedroom house/ Large commercial unit

Remember everyone is special and we all have special needs! You may have a 1 bedroom apartment, yet you may have enough furniture to fill a 3 bedroom house. We try to help but you are the only one that truly knows how much stuff you own.
Other things to remember are do you need to get at a couple of items? If so pack them last. Or do you need to get at a lot of seasonal items, you may want get a larger shed.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What we offer;

We are family owned and reside on site. Our goal is to provide a great storage experience at a reasonable price.
Security Cameras
Onsite Owner/Manager
Daily Lock Checks
24 Hour Access
No Charge Auto Pay
w/ Visa & Mastercard
Easy Highway Access
Wide Roadways
Outside Storage for all Your Toys
Members of Arizona Self Storage Association
check out our web site;

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Check out our sizes, which is right for you?

5X5 - small closet items
5X10 - small furniture/boxes
5X15 - small 1 bedroom apartment/commercial records storage
8X10 - 1 bedroom apartment
10X10 - 1 bedroom house
10X15 - 2 bedroom apartment
8X20 - 2-3 bedroom house
10X20 - small car 3-4 bedroom house
15X20 - 4 bedroom house/ commercial unit
8X40 - 5 bedroom house/ Large commercial unit

Never Store; Collectables, heirlooms, jewerlry, works of art, furs, mounts, electronics, food, fertilizers, pesticides, firearms, explosives, perishables, candles or wax items, ammunition, contriband, batteries, fuels, flammables, oderous materials, infectious materials, hazardous or toxic materials, any living objects ( people or pets), and or any property having special or sentimental value to you.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Easy payment systems

At B&L RV & Mini Storage we offer auto pay with Visa and MasterCard. We also except cash, checks, money orders, debit card. Some larger storage businesses have pay at the gate with credit cards or a kiosk for self service. Check with your storage to see how, when, and what type of payments are excepted. This is one of the small things that can cause confusion, when, where, and how! If it is not explained to you ask. At B&L RV & Mini Storage payment is always due on the 1st of the month, no invoice is sent out. If payment is not received with in 6 or 7 days we try to reach you by phone. At 9 days we charge a $5.00 invoice fee and send out an invoice by US Post. We try to make our payment system as painless as possible. Please check out our main web site at;

Please remember to check with your home owners or rental insurance company to see if you are covered for off premise storage. If not most storage businesses now offer insurance. We like SAFESTOR they can be reached at; 1-877-528-5673 or online at;

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daily lock checks

At B&L RV & Mini Storage we do daily lock checks. This is the best way to combat crooks, from cutting locks off, replacing them with their own locks and coming back to high grade your stored items. When selecting a storage ask if they do daily lock checks, ask if they place a sticker on your lock so they know it belongs on that unit. This is a very simple thief prevention technique. This is one of the things that every storage facility should offer. Sometimes the simple things can help keep your stored items safer. Please remember make sure you our insured. For more info please check out our web site at

Monday, March 19, 2007

New dial up web page

We try to make life easier by offering a new dial up friendly web site;
Not quite the full information of our main web site;
When you use high speed you do forget dial up is still the most widely use web search device.
We hope the new web site will help everyone out. Please let us know.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hints for packing

Check out our web site at;

When packing your storage unit remember a few simple things will save you hours of back breaking labor after the fact!
1. Label your boxes....don't use labels like artwork or gold coins (you shouldn't have these kind of items in a storage unit) on the labels. Use general terms; master bath, girls bedroom, ect...
2. Place the items you are not going to be needing in the back of your unit.
3. Think ahead, are you going to need your Christmas stuff? If you are, load it in last.
4. When selecting your unit, a larger unit will help if you are using a lot of your stored items on a regular basis. Makes things much easier to find, also you can create lanes to get to seasonal items.
5. If you are storing items that you aren't going to need fill every available space while packing your unit. Place boxes in spaces left by your larger pieces. Stack, stack, stack...
6. We hope these suggestions will help make your storage experience easier.
Please remember security starts with you; use a good disc lock, look for things that don't seem right and report them. Security is really a community problem. If everyone is watching out for everyone else we would be living in a much more secure world. Don't be afraid to be the one that tells the storage manager something didn't quite look right. If management is unavailable tell the police.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

DailyTips and Tricks

When selecting your unit make sure you have easy access;
1.Can you pull your truck or trailer close to your unit?
2. Are you pulling a trailer or having it delivered, check how wide the roadways are. Remember a moving company will charge extra if the items have to be ferried to your unit.
3. Make sure the hours your facility allows you access to your unit, works for you. If they are closed on Sunday or you can't enter after 5pm or before 8am it might cramp your style.
4. Lastly is your facility easy to find and access, is it near the highway or hidden on a back street?

At B&L RV & Mini Storage we try to make it as easy as possible for you. We offer; wide roadways, so every unit can be driven too. Our hours are 24/7, and we are located about 600 feet from I-10. Please check out our web page:

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tips and Tricks

When choosing a storage unit, remember these few things can help keep your items safer.
1. Know your area. You want to pick a storage facility in a better area.
2. Check your facilities security set-up; do they have on-site managers/owners, do they do daily lock checks, do they have security cameras, are the units clean?
3. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
4. Make sure you have your own insurance. At B&L RV & Mini Storage we offer SAFESTOR Insurance. You can go online or call them to obtain insurance. Too save a little money first check with your home owners or renters policy to see if you have off premise insurance. Remember if it is important enough to keep its important enough to insure.
5. Use plastic tubs, they are great at keeping dust and insects out.
6. When covering furniture and large pieces use something that breaths, a old sheet, packing pads. Remember plastic will cause condensation.
7. Always use a good disc lock.
8. Use common sense don't store furs, mounts, electronics, heirlooms, computers, flammables, explosives, food, collectibles, art work, firearms, ammo, anything you can't replace. This is not a complete list, use common sense . For a more complete list check out our web site at;