Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Payments* may be made in many ways;
1) Visa or MasterCard (no charge auto pay available)
2) Cash, stop and pay us.
3) Check or Money Order, you may mail it to P.O.Box 1855,Benson,AZ. 85602
or drop it off (you can drop it through the door if we aren't in the office.)
4) You can call in a payment with Visa and MasterCard. 1-520-586-2379

*Late Payments can only be made by cash or money order.

We try to make it easy to make payments! Check out our web page at;

Saturday, May 26, 2007


5X5 Small personel item, seasonal clothes. 5X10 Small furniture, record storage
5X15 Small furniture, Office record storage 8X10 and 10 X 10 Small one bedroom apartment
10X15 2 Bedroom apartment 8X20 and 10X20 2-3 Bedroom home/ small car
8X40 4-5 Bedroom home

Never Store; Collectables, heirlooms, jewerlry, works of art, furs, mounts, electronics, food, fertilizers, pesticides, firearms, explosives, perishables, candles or wax items, ammunition, contriband, batteries, fuels, flammables, oderous materials, infectious materials, hazardous or toxic materials, any living objects ( people or pets), and or any property having special or sentimental value to you.

Tip 1 - Leave proper air circulation around your items.
Tip 2 - Dust is an everyday occurance don't use plastic to cover your items, use something breathable (old sheet )
Tip 3 - Always pack things you'll need to get at last ( saves alot of digging )
Tip 4 - Pack small boxes in the spaces your furniture leaves ( Maxiumize your storage space )
Tip 5 - Know your movers, don't use strangers or non-bonded companies for moving.
Tip 6 - Make sure to give us you new address and phone number in writing.
*Please remember security starts with you. Use a good disc lock and if you ever notice anything funny or out of place please notify us or the police. Good Security means; Everyone looking out for everyone else!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let us know!

!) If you change your address or phone number let us know, in writing.
2) If you are moving out let us know.
3) If there is a maintenance problem let us know so we can take care of it.
4) If you have any question, please ask!
5) If you have a payment problem, let us know!

We are here to help, just "Let us Know!" That way we can help!

PS Sorry we got Anna Bell the other day so we've been trying to get some sleep, puppies keep you awake more than babies! But we still love her!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Check out Our Web Site

B&L RV & Mini Storage

We are Benson Arizona's leader in Mini Storage, we offer;
1) On-site owner/managers
2) Easy pay options, cash, check, Money Order, Visa and MasterCard. (Auto pay available with Visa and MasterCard)
3) Security Cameras
4) Daily lock checks
5) A free Disc lock for mentioning this blog.

B&L RV & Mini Storage
1080 W. 4th St.
Benson, AZ 85602

Let us help with your storage needs, personal, household, commercial, business, RV, Auto, Boat, Cars, Trailers, Equipment, any toy you have!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Puppy update!

We went and visited Anna Bell yesterday, her and her brother and sister are all fat and happy. They are running around and playing with all the other animals.Will get some new pictures soon sorry forgot the camera. Come visit our web site at; http://www.blstorage.com

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Be Prepared!

Some things you might want to think about long before you plan on moving.
1) When do I want to move?
2) Do I need to rent a storage unit ahead of time?
3) Do I need to rent a truck?
4) Where am I going to get help? Friends and family or hire someone?
5) What can I pre-pack?
6) Do I have enough boxes?
7)Am I going to need to get at my items when they are stored?
8)Do I have marking pens, packing paper, tape?
For more tips and tricks please check out our web site blstorage.com

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Puppy Update

Forgot to put in an update - Anna Bell is the leader of the pack. She's growing the quickest and is very dominate.
Storage comes in many flavors;
1.Temporary where your moving and need to store your items for a set period of time.
2.Permanent where you just need extra space.
3.Vehicle storage, you need a place for the RV or project car, boat etc...
4.Commercial storage where you might want the security of off site storage or you just need the extra space.

Each of these problems require different solutions. Check out our web site for more suggestions
1.Temporary storage, go for the best bang for the buck, get the smallest unit you can fit your items into. You know its only in there for 8-9 weeks so you won't have to be searching through it to get at needed items. Temporary storage plan on moving it in and than moving it out.
2.Permanent storage, think how many items do I need to access? Go with a larger unit, makes your searches much easier. When packing unit separate areas Christmas stuff, seasonal items, yard care items, what ever your storing keep similar items together, makes searching much easier.
3.Vehicle is easy decide if you want inside or outside storage, think of car covers and pest control.
4.Commercial storage the best suggestion I can make is go with the largest unit you can afford. You will expand, your inventory will always change. One month you need a 10X10 the next a 15X20. You really don't want to move sheds all the time, so go for a large one. Many commercial users start with one shed and within months have 3 large units.

Remember these are generalized statements each and everyone situation is different, these are general suggestions. If you know you don't need to access your items go for a smaller unit. If you need to get at your stuff go for the larger unit, it really saves a lot of head aches. Don't forget a good Disc lock and insurance (check with your homeowners or renters policy to see if off premise storage is covered, if not use a service like SAFESTOR) We do have a lot more info on our web site;http://www.blstorage.com
If you need help contact use;
B & L RV & Mini Storage
1080 W. 4th St.
Benson, AZ 85602

We are Benson Arizona's leader in storage, sizes range from 5X5 to 8X40 we try to fit your every need. We live on site, you have 24/7 access to your unit, we have security cameras and a DVR recorder, and we do daily lock checks. Remember mention this blog and receive a free disc lock when you move in.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Don't forget the Disc Lock

This is your first and best security tool. Any lock can be broken into, these are in my opinion the toughest locks out there for the money. I've seen lock in the $100's plus range that are really great. For your hard earned dollar, the disc lock is your best bang for the buck. At B&L RV & Mini Storage we give you a Disc lock when you move in (just mention this BLOG). You won't find a better bang for your buck anywhere (unless I start paying you to take them!)
Remember to keep insurance, and check out our web site for more tips and tricks;
B&L RV & Mini Storage
1080 W. 4th St.
Benson, AZ 85602

PS The puppy (Anna Bell) has her eye's open, she very vocal,and moving around very well. We'll keep you puppy updated. Thanks Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Please Check Your Contract

At B&L RV & Mini Storage we rent by the month. When you move in we charge a prorated amount for the rest of the current month plus one full month of rent. Rent is due always on the first of the month. An example;( if you moved in on 4/20/07, you would pay the last 11 days of the month plus one full month, then your next payment would be due 6/1/07). We do not take a deposit, your rent is monthly after move in (we don't prorate after move in). Remember this when planning your move out times. If you move out on the 7th you lose 3 weeks of rent. Every storage facility has a different way of doing this, make sure you ask when you move in. Remember if we where to charge a daily or weekly rate it would be 10 times or more the monthly rate. We are in business for long term storage. Always check your contract or ask before moving in. For more tips check out our web page; http://www.blstorage.com

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Is security important?

At B&L RV & Mini Storage we take many steps help secure your items;
  1. We recommend using a high quality disc lock.
  2. B&L RV & Mini Storage has insurance available through SAFSTOR for you.
  3. We do daily lock checks.
  4. We live on site.
  5. We have security cameras and a DVR recorder.
  6. We provide recommendations for items and storage on our web site.
Check out our web site at; http://www.blstorage.com