Friday, October 3, 2014

Lock's Your first Layer of Security

Do yourself a favor and buy a good quality lock. We recommend a disc lock, they are much harder to break into. Nothing will stop a thief, but a good disc lock sure makes it easier for them to look for a cheap lock instead of yours.
Always remember to carry your own insurance. We recommend you never storage anything that is important to you. (check out our web site to see our recommended list's.
We also use camera's and daily lock checks to help deter the bad guys.
Stay safe and remember the best security starts with you. If you notice something or someone that doesn't look right call 911 or report it to us.

Auto, Boat and RV Storage

If you need to clear some space in the garage or driveway. Give us a call (520) 586-2379 We have room for all your toys. 
We know winter is just around the corner, maybe it's time to clean out the spare bedroom for our winter family visitors. Or sheds sizes range from 5x5, 5x10, 8x10, 10x10, 10x15, 8x20, 10x20, 8x40. We can take care of all your storage needs.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Arizona Sun Shine

We feel for the folks back East. Winter has been great here! Lot's of record high temperatures. Hard to believe we are using our A/C in our car! All we have to say is come on out and enjoy Arizona.
     We are here to handle all your storage needs.....Household, Commercial, RV, Boat, Auto, even your bikes and 4 wheelers. The weather is great come join us!


Things we all Need to Remember! Tips, Payment, Security, and Updates!

Never Store; Collectables, heirlooms, jewelry, works of art, furs, mounts, electronics, food, fertilizers, pesticides, firearms, explosives, perishables, candles or wax items, ammunition, contraband, batteries, fuels, flammables, odorous materials, infectious materials, hazardous or toxic materials, any living objects ( people or pets), and or any property having special or sentimental value to you.

Tip 1 - Leave proper air circulation around your items.
Tip 2 - Dust is an everyday occurrence don't use plastic to cover your items, use something breathable (old sheet )
Tip 3 - Always pack things you'll need to get at last ( saves a lot of digging )
Tip 4 - Pack small boxes in the spaces your furniture leaves ( Maximize your storage space )
Tip 5 - Know your movers, don't use strangers or non-bonded companies for moving.
Tip 6 - Make sure to give us you new address and phone number in writing.
*Please remember security starts with you. Use a good disc lock and if you ever notice anything funny or out of place please notify us or the police. Good Security means; Everyone looking out for everyone else!


Payments* may be made in many ways;
1) Visa or MasterCard (no charge auto pay available)
2) Cash, stop and pay us.
3) Check or Money Order, you may mail it to1080 W. 4th St.,Benson,AZ. 85602
or drop it off (you can drop it through the door if we aren't in the office.)
4) You can call in a payment with Visa and MasterCard. 1-520-586-2379

Let us know!

!) If you change your address or phone number let us know, in writing.
2) If you are moving out let us know.
3) If there is a maintenance problem let us know so we can take care of it.
4) If you have any question, please ask!
5) If you have a payment problem, let us know!

Call Bruce @520-586-2379520-586-2379 with any questions or to find out what sizes of units are available.