Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Please Check Your Contract

At B&L RV & Mini Storage we rent by the month. When you move in we charge a prorated amount for the rest of the current month plus one full month of rent. Rent is due always on the first of the month. An example;( if you moved in on 4/20/07, you would pay the last 11 days of the month plus one full month, then your next payment would be due 6/1/07). We do not take a deposit, your rent is monthly after move in (we don't prorate after move in). Remember this when planning your move out times. If you move out on the 7th you lose 3 weeks of rent. Every storage facility has a different way of doing this, make sure you ask when you move in. Remember if we where to charge a daily or weekly rate it would be 10 times or more the monthly rate. We are in business for long term storage. Always check your contract or ask before moving in. For more tips check out our web page;

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