Thursday, March 5, 2009

Venting Today!

Well this will be the last time ever shopping at Lowes! I spend between 4 -15K a year with them! Never again. We went and bought a few things for Lilly's garden. Spent $309 on bags of manure, soil, mulch (21 bags total), 2.5 gals. of Round Up, and few other small items! With 4 people behind us in line we where searched like common criminals! Every bag of manure was lifted up to see if we had hidden items! Ya right I want to steal some little item! Not a way a customer should be treated! Call corporate customer service when I returned home! 1-800-445-6937 then dial 0 when recording comes on! The girl took my info and told me to expect a call from a senior manager! I said after being treated like a thief and embarrassing Lilly and myself in front of 4 other customers, I would never spend another dime of my money with them! Lilly even ask the cashier if everyone gets searched, she said no if I'm busy! WTH! Do I look like a thief????
Now we walked in to the garden area of Lowes, got a flat cart. Went right to the manure and other bagged stuff. Loaded the cart, ask the cashier if I could leave the cart right across from her station while I went inside and picked up some other items we needed! The cart sat right in front of her the whole time! Came out of inside with our other items, walked over to the cart and pushed it the 7 feet to her register! Why where we singled out to be searched? Very, very embarrassing!
After calling corporate, I called the general manager of the Sierra Vista store! Got an asst. manager, told me we search every item on the cart! I told him he was either a liar or his cashier was. Because we asked her if she search everyone! Told me to call back tomorrow the GM was off for the day.I suggested he take my name and number and have his GM call me!
I have never had my stuff ever searched at Lowes before, and it will never happen again. Last they have seen of me! Home Depot here we come!

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