Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Added security product!

We have just brought in a new security product. It helps eliminate the possibility of cutting through the door handle. We now have them in stock, you can buy them for $5 or use one for a $3 cash deposit which is refundable when you turn it in! Please let us know! These work with a disc lock and our handles (might require a replacement handle if yours is bent, only takes about 10 minutes for me to replace, at no cost to you) ! Please pick them up at the office. Remember to call and make an appointment, so we are not out of the office when you show up. We are a small family operated business and want to make your storage as pleasant as possible! 1-520-586-2379
*Please remember security starts with you. Use a good disc lock and if you ever notice anything funny or out of place please notify us or the police. Good Security means; Everyone looking out for everyone else!

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