Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer Heat!

Well I think we are enjoying our last few weeks of nice weather. The summer heat is soon to come! Remember what that mean's for your storage units and whats in them. We recommend that you not store art work, furs, mounts, candles, electronics, ect... Use common sense when it comes to your stored items. If heat can effect them don't store them in a unit! Of course never ever store food in a unit!
Just a quick reminder the heats coming, review what you have in storage. If we can help with your storage needs please give us a call 520-586-2379
B&L RV & Mini Storage
1080 W. 4th St
Benson, AZ. 85602

We do have plenty of room for your toy's also...Boat, RV, Car, Truck, Camper, Trailer, let us know, I'm sure we can fit your needs. Plus remember you have 24 hour access to your stuff. If you want to leave for the lake at 3am you can!
We do live on site, have cameras, and do daily lock checks! Just a few extra's we include!

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