Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hints for packing

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When packing your storage unit remember a few simple things will save you hours of back breaking labor after the fact!
1. Label your boxes....don't use labels like artwork or gold coins (you shouldn't have these kind of items in a storage unit) on the labels. Use general terms; master bath, girls bedroom, ect...
2. Place the items you are not going to be needing in the back of your unit.
3. Think ahead, are you going to need your Christmas stuff? If you are, load it in last.
4. When selecting your unit, a larger unit will help if you are using a lot of your stored items on a regular basis. Makes things much easier to find, also you can create lanes to get to seasonal items.
5. If you are storing items that you aren't going to need fill every available space while packing your unit. Place boxes in spaces left by your larger pieces. Stack, stack, stack...
6. We hope these suggestions will help make your storage experience easier.
Please remember security starts with you; use a good disc lock, look for things that don't seem right and report them. Security is really a community problem. If everyone is watching out for everyone else we would be living in a much more secure world. Don't be afraid to be the one that tells the storage manager something didn't quite look right. If management is unavailable tell the police.

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