Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

These top web sites are light weight versions that are more easily used with dial up, they do not have all the information of our main web site. Which includes pictures so it does take a little longer to download with dial up. Our main web site is;

The top question that came to mind this weekend was judging size of the unit you need. Our listed size recommendations don't fit every ones needs. They are just rough estimates.
5X5 - small closet items
5X10 - small furniture/boxes
5X15 - small 1 bedroom apartment/commercial records storage
8X10 - 1 bedroom apartment
10X10 - 1 bedroom house
10X15 - 2 bedroom apartment
8X20 - 2-3 bedroom house
10X20 - small car 3-4 bedroom house
15X20 - 4 bedroom house/ commercial unit
8X40 - 5 bedroom house/ Large commercial unit

Remember everyone is special and we all have special needs! You may have a 1 bedroom apartment, yet you may have enough furniture to fill a 3 bedroom house. We try to help but you are the only one that truly knows how much stuff you own.
Other things to remember are do you need to get at a couple of items? If so pack them last. Or do you need to get at a lot of seasonal items, you may want get a larger shed.

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