Friday, April 20, 2007

Most popular!

!) Size - 8X10 great general purpose storage size, get rid of a lot of clutter around the house and makes it easy to find. An 8X10 is large enough that you can horseshoe your items so you have space to easily search for items.

2) Disc lock- remember we give you one free upon move in just for mentioning this blog. By far the best bang for your security buck!

3) Plastic storage bins (available at Walmart or any Dollar store) They are inexpensive and are a great deterrent to dust, pests, and water.....Very cheap protection. At least your first layer (the stuff that contacts the floor) should be stored in these types of containers. Also you maximize your storage because these stack well and are the same size.

4) Auto pay - (You never have to worry about a late payment) By using your Visa or MasterCard and auto pay there is no stress - no calls, no late letters. Thats why at B&L RV & Mini Storage we do not charge extra for Auto Pay, it saves us as much work and stress as it does you.

5) Paying by the year, most long term and commercial units select this option. You save 10% off your bill when paying by the year.

6) Don't forget a few old sheets go a long way! DUST I can't stop it in my house, I can't stop it in you storage space. Dust is a fact of life, use old sheets to cover your stored items (don't use plastic, it sweats and can damage your items)

These are a few of the most popular facts of storage, I hope they help you in your quest for storing your items. You can call us at 1-520-586-237 or check us out on the web at;
B&L RV & Mini Storage

PS The puppies are healthy and very hungry, they are doing great.

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