Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pest Control

Error on the safe side! We recommend using a dehydrating bait, one of the ones you don't open. Be careful if you have animals or small children with you... I would recommend you not using it if you have kids and animals with you. We treat for bugs and rodents but you never know when someone will move items in that where stored in a garage or barn and they bring little friends with them. Never store food or seeds, or animal food, these items call pests. In all my years in the storage business I had one complaint a customer said "you have rats, huge rats!" I ask if he had any food in his unit, he told me no! Three days later he moved out and we discovered he used to have a 40 pound bag of sunflower seeds for his birds. I say he used to have because ground squirrels had left him a pile of hulls. They ate through the insulation near the roof to make a hole to get at the food. We ended up with repairs and a mess to clean up. Please do not store any food items! For other tips check out our web site;

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