Thursday, April 5, 2007

Price and old times

B&L RV & Mini Storage

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I found some 3 year old material today.In the class I took back then, the professor had a facility in Hawaii, rent for a 10X10 back then was $375.00 per month. He talked about other countries where rent was charged weekly instead of monthly. (remember there is 4.3 weeks per month) At B&L RV & Mini Storage we try to keep it reasonable our 10x10 rents for $62.75 per month as of 4/5/07. I guess we need to move everything to Hawaii! I could probably handle the beach, I know I wouldn't get any work done...I do remember the " tropical itch" a rum and fruit juice drink that had 7 shots of rum...and no taste of alcohol. Just wish I was 18 again and in Hawaii!
Enough wishing! We can save you some money... upon move in, just mention this blog and receive a free disc lock. Remember if you pay by the year at B&L RV & Mini Storage you receive a 10% discount. Just a couple of ways to save $$$$.

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