Monday, April 16, 2007


I hate to harp, but I just finished my daily lock check and the number of cheap pad locks really bother me. We only charged $6.00 for a quality disc lock when you moved in - now we give you one free upon move in.(just mention this blog) Even at $6.00 that the cheapest insurance I know of. Please remember to check with your homeowners or renter insurance to make sure you are covered, or take advantage of SAFESTOR it very reasonable priced. Do everything to protect your items;
  1. Make sure you protect against dust, old sheets work best.
  2. Make sure you use a good disc lock.
  3. Watch what you store (see our web site for a list of what not to store);
  4. Use common sense when labeling your items - don't use gold bars as a description!
  5. Know your storage facility, ask questions about security, live in managers, daily lock checks, cameras.
  6. Remember its your stuff if you didn't want it you'd give it away or throw it away so PROTECT IT!

Sorry to harp! If you have any questions please call Bruce 1-520-586-2379
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